Best Task Light for Tools

Gooseneck Magnetic Lamp

Tool: Magnetic Sewing Machine Light

Guest: Jordan Bunker

“This actually comes in a 2-pack. It’s a magnetic-base gooseneck LED lamp. The first one went on my sewing machine, but the other one follows me around my shop to different tools that I’m working with. It’s a great task lamp and it’s super bright… It plugs directly into AC, though I do wish the cord was a little longer (it’s 4.5 feet). The other thing I like about it is that I think it’s using a neodymium magnet – so it’s super strong — and it has a rubber ring around the magnet so that it doesn’t move. It’s strong enough so that when I attach it to my drill press, I can grab the gooseneck and manipulate it without it coming off of the drill press.”

-- Jordan Bunker 07/1/20