What's in My Bag

What’s in my bag? — Rhonda Roebuck


What's in my bag? issue #56

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Rhonda Roebuck is a retired art teacher now spending her time doing what she loves most…drawing and making art! Most of her journals record her surroundings, nature, and travels. She occasionally teaches workshops to encourage people to document their lives. She often asks her participants to think how they would feel if they had their Great Grandmother’s journal in their hands. Rhonda believes you should write, draw, and record for someone in the future. They will be interested! You can find her Instagram @rhondafroebuck.


About the bag

Desert Shadow Sling Backpack by Sipsey Wilder ($48)
This is the sling backpack with an extra wide strap for comfort….extremely comfortable! This pack isn’t too large and doesn’t have too many compartments…just right. I love the colors and designs of these bags, but the biggy is the comfort and size!

What’s inside the bag

Journal/Notebook: I use the Moleskine Sketchbook in the 5 x 8.25 inches size most often. It has to be the Sketchbook to get a heavier paper for drawing and using watercolor in limited ways (not too wet). The other version in the photo is the pocket sketchbook (3.5 x 5.5 inches). Both open flat so you can work across two pages. I often order red making it easier to find!  It can also be personalized with your name. I’ve been using these for years and find they work well with ink, watercolor, and colored pencils.

Palette: This is a Pocket Palette, the size of a business card holder. I love that it is very tiny and portable, but has enough colors and paints for a journey. Just put it in a zip lock bag and it will fit anywhere.

Pen: This is a Platinum Carbon Ink Pen with a fine or extra fine nib. Unfortunately I was unable to find a source for these right now. They were previously available on Amazon and Jetpens.com. I hope these will be restocked soon. The nib is smooth and writes/draws every time I pick it up. The ink is waterproof so I can watercolor right on top of it when it dries. Here is a pen very similar to the one above that is available on Amazon now.

My substitute pen would be a Lamy Joy with Platinum Carbon Ink or just Gouletpens.com. I have several different nibs for the Lamy Joy, but I like to draw with the extra fine nib. The stub nibs are wonderful for Calligraphy of which I am a huge fan. I was lucky enough to take a calligraphy course in college all the way back in 1968. It changed my handwriting for the rest of my life!

Brush: A water brush is an easy way to paint with watercolor while travelling. My brush is a Tombow Medium Water Brush. You fill it with water and use it to disperse water into your palette and then paint with it. I don’t always use these, but you can’t beat this product for travel.


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