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BIC Cristal Pen


Tungsten carbide ball ensures smooth flow of BIC ink

Most of the Cool Tool postings are about someone’s discovery of a new solution to an existing problem, but I write this as a reminder of a tool that needs no introduction, the plain old Bic ballpoint pen. These pens were introduced in 1960, and in 2006 they sold the 100 billionth of them. Not many things in our world’s culture have staying power like that. While Cool Tools has lots of pens & pencils, this one’s at the non-fancy end of the spectrum. What it’s got going for it is among the very best in reliability, an extraordinarily low price and, certainly for me, a very comfortable writing experience. They seem like the epitome of simplicity and so may be overlooked. But in a world of trash pens these are always reliable and a pleasure to use.

-- Wayne Ruffner 12/26/17