Big Foot Cargo Bags


Capacious hauler

Some weekend sports outings – climbing, skiing, camping, shooting, etc. often require many, many trips back and forth to the car to load and unload all of the things necessary for the weekend. I counted once and found that I made 8 round trips to the car for all of my backcountry ski gear to bring it back into the house at the end of a weekend.

The Big Foot Bag allows me to move everything in one single herculean trip. The “big” in “Big Foot Bag” is not an understatement. I have the *smallest* bag made by this company at 114L and 1.5m long. The *largest* bag they make is 1050L and 3 meters long.  (It should probably come with a trailer hitch and wheels.)The innovative part of the design is that it lays out completely flat when unzipped, allowing you to pile everything in the center, fold it over like a taco, sit on it, and zip it up quickly. The 600 denier Cordura is coated on the inside and there is a storm flap, allowing it to function as a water resistant rooftop carrier if desired.
cargo bag flat.jpeg
Yes, it’s only got a 6 month warranty, but I think this is more reflective of how hard people use them (the website illustrates them carrying mulch, firewood, and rocks) rather than their construction quality. We’ve had ours for four years and it still looks like new. Sure, there are big cargo bags of more durable construction out there (YKK zippers and 1000D Cordura would be improvements), but none of them approach the sheer size and ease of use of the Bigfoot.

-- Jon Braun 05/10/12