Black Stallion Cowhide Welding Jacket


Protective gear for welding/motorcycling


I bought this jacket three years ago while shopping for welding supplies, but it now doubles as a motorcycle jacket. Convection is the enemy of anyone on a motorcycle. Leather is naturally wind proof, so its brown cowhide suede finish has kept me warm while riding around on my Harley. The jacket’s really well made and an amazing value for about $55. I’m just learning how to weld (my particular interest is to build furniture), so my experience is rather limited. However, it’s my understanding the sparks created from arc welding have a tendency to melt through most synthetics, and that heavy cotton and leather seem to work best at shielding sparks. The cheaper welding jackets made by Black Stallion are made of cotton and may work fine, but because they can allow air to pass through, they wouldn’t work well as a motorcycle jacket. With this one, I get two jackets for the price of one.

-- Velemir Cicin 12/19/07