Halo Headband


Sweat-busting brow belt

Getting sweat in your eyes isn’t fun. And in some sports, such as cycling, it can even be dangerous. Halo headbands provide a heavenly solution. They’re made out of a thin, stretchy fabric with a linguine-sized, soft plastic strip affixed inside that acts as a kind of gutter. This strip (combined with the qualities of the fabric itself) keeps your brow dry. An unexpected side benefit: The headband serves as a gasket to keep your bike helmet snug and comfortable no matter how sweaty the conditions. I’ve been using them for a couple of years down here in Florida and wouldn’t cycle without them.

After my ride, I just rinse the Halo and hang it to dry. Once in a while, it goes in the wash. I have a couple of Halos, so I’ll always have one dry when I start out for a ride. Neither shows signs of wear after hundreds of rides and thousands of miles. I’ve grown so attached to my Halo that I accept the few seconds it takes to don it when racing in triathlons. I’ll go without gloves and socks, but my Halo always comes along. (Besides, my transition times are laughably slow anyway.) Halos come in a tie version, which I prefer, but also in solid pullover bands and in a few other varieties. Well priced and made in San Diego.

-- Steve Leveen 12/24/07