Blizzident Sponge-Toothbrush


Brush all your teeth at once

I’ve been using the Sponge-Toothbrush from Blizzident since they introduced it in the spring of 2020. They send me a new one every 3 months and each new one was an improved design. The first one was basically just a silicone sponge with “biting slits” in it and cleaning teeth by biting and grinding. It worked surprisingly well.

In the later versions, they added toothbrush bristles in the biting slits. The new sponges are much smaller than the first ones, now it is very easy and fun to use. The silicone-sponge fibers clean all tooth surfaces when biting in them, and the toothbrush-bristles clean all the tiniest cavities and inter-dental spaces. All my teeth are cleaned at the same time, making toothbrushing ultra-fast with this tool. The toothbrush bristles are angled in 45 degrees, so they can nicely reach and clean the space between teeth and gums. Teeth feel as clean as after a dentist’s cleaning. All in all, cleaning takes about 10 seconds.

Nothing smells, I never see any dirt in it. One sponge costs $20, and they are advertised as lasting 2-3 months.

-- Robert Meyer 06/22/21

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