Tool Chest

Pistol Grip Needle Nose Pliers


Angled design for use in tight spaces & hard to reach areas

After somewhat arbitrarily buying a pair of Pistol Grip Needle Nose Pliers to thank an auto parts shop for letting me park my trailer in their parking lot overnight, the Titan TIT11400s have become the needle nose pliers I choose first for nearly any mechanical project, as well as the pliers I’d pick first for a minimalist tool kit.

The bent “pistol grip” setup is ideal for getting more leverage in a tight space, especially on otherwise difficult-to-access spring clamps and wire terminals, and the ergonomics of the bent-handled setup are extremely comfortable.

Titan is not the only company to make pistol grip pliers, but they’ve executed it very well for the price point: well-cut teeth that have just the right amount of bite, old-fashioned solid steel construction with a smooth red rubber coating, integrated wire-cutters, a few crimping options, and a lifetime warranty round out a really nice toolbox favorite.


-- Arden Goldberg 06/23/21