Body Back Buddy

Multi-functional self-massaging

I recently discovered a better-designed variation of the Thera-Cane that’s perfect for loosening up tight back, neck and shoulder muscles. The Body Back Buddy ($30) has a total of 11 knobs (the Thera-Cane has just six), so you have more options for how to put it to good use. For instance, the two small knobs that are fairly close together are great for massaging both sides of the neck, essentially straddling the spinal cord.

I had never come across anything like this until my physical therapist showed me a picture of the Thera-cane. When I went to the store, I tried out both products and discovered that the Body Back really is an improved version. While it may look a bit unwieldy, I can attest to its effectiveness and ease of use. It has proven perfect for reaching my muscles without forcing me to become a contortionist (and maybe pulling some other muscles in the process). It’s also good for massaging around the cervical spine, an area that tightens up on me regularly due to some mild spinal scoliosis.

-- Jojo 07/26/18

(This is a Cool Tools Favorite from 2007 — editors)

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