Book Freak #24: Timeless Advice From the Year 1637


Timeless Advice From the Year 1637

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Jesuit Baltasar Gracián wrote The Art of Worldly Wisdom in 1637. It contains over 300 pieces of advice on a variety of subjects, including mental health, career, reputation, politics, and friendship.

Don’t feed the trolls
“Tis better to have a dispute with honourable people than to have a victory over dishonourable ones. You cannot treat with the ruined, for they have no hostages for rectitude. With them there is no true friendship, and their agreements are not binding, however stringent they may appear, because they have no feeling of honour. Never have to do with such men, for if honour does not restrain a man, virtue will not, since honour is the throne of rectitude.”

Don’t praise yourself, instead do praiseworthy things
“The greater your exploits the less you need affect them: content yourself with doing, leave the talking to others.”

It’s OK to change your mind
“Do not hold your views too firmly. Every fool is fully convinced, and every one fully persuaded is a fool: the more erroneous his judgment the more firmly he holds it.”

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