Brinkmann Electric Water Smoker


Quality entry level smoker

I have used at least a half-dozen of these watersmokers for the past forty years. They hold up well, and the flavor options they provide are unique. I recommend this electric model from Brinkmann. Cooking times are often six or more hours, and can vary significantly when using charcoal, especially if the smoker is full or if it rains.

Once you have started it, it should not be opened except through the side to add hickory or fruitwood sticks. Opening the lid loses you a half hour of cooking time. A second standard charcoal BBQ grill is a great accent – water smoke until almost done then just finish off to taste on the BBQ.

Rust can be an issue because you are cooking with water, heat and smoke. Luckily, the most important parts are stainless steel, and for everything else Brinkmann makes replacements.

If you’ve got a few ugly pots laying around you can use them to cook a pot roast in the smoker, too. For that matter, Brinkmann includes a cookbook with all the recipes you’ll ever need.

-- David C. Clark 08/8/12

(Note: Given that this is an entry level unit it is lacking in a few areas: first, is that it doesn't include a temperature gauge (which can be added on later), and the second is the inability to adjust heat output.-- OH — editors)

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