Flex One Folding Chair


Foldable, flexible chair

I’ve always found folding chairs to be extremely uncomfortable. They are cold, hard and my buttocks/legs always go numb from sitting on them. When we needed to get extra seating for a party we were hosting I was really excited when I stumbled across the Flex One folding chair.

The Flex One is no ordinary chair. As the name implies, it has a mesh seating and back that forms to your anatomy. It has a nice give that makes it extremely comfortable. I’ve happily been able to sit for hours without any discomfort. As a plus, the mesh allows for outdoor use and for easy cleanup with a hose or sponge.

The Flex One claims to have a 1,000 pound capacity and is fairly light-weight. I’m a big guy and have found the chair to be really solid.

-- Peter N. 08/9/12

(For those interested in even more info, here's the spec sheet in PDF form from the manufacturer.--OH — editors)

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