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Bucket Boss Parachute Bag


Canvas hardware organizer

I have owned a parachute bag for 3 years and it has helped tremendously with both organizing and using fasteners. I had previously used the organizers with the little yellow bins and a clear lid, which are great in theory, but in practice often lead to spilled screws or lost containers that never make it back to the case. The final straw was when I grabbed the organizer while cleaning up after a job before latching it and ended up with hundreds of screws and nails to pick up out of blown-in insulation and re-organize.

A parachute bag allows you to easily transport all of the fasteners you need and never worry about spills. The paracord drawstring cinches the bag completely shut and is plenty sturdy to lift even a full pouch. Even using the handle to lift the bag closes the pouches sufficiently that you shouldn’t have to worry about spills unless you somehow drop the bag upside down.

It is incredibly well made and the canvas is sturdy enough that screws and nails don’t poke through and I have no concerns about this bag failing, even when not handled gently. My only complaint is the lack of different color options.

It only comes in olive/brown and I have 2 pouches, 1 for screws and 1 for nails, and have occasionally grabbed the wrong pouch, but this is a small price to pay for literally never having to worry about dumping a container of screws!

-- Ross Carmichael 02/17/21