Button-Stud Leather Watchband


Keeps wrist comfortable while typing

For those few of us who still wear watches on our wrists (and now add smartwatches to that) and also pound at keyboards a lot, you’ve likely noticed that most watchbands aren’t really comfortable with your wrists resting on various things while focusing on keyboards. I really noticed it a lot when wearing a fancy watch with a metal bracelet; as a result, that thing sat in a drawer for years.

However, a few years ago, Cool Tools had an item from Form-Function-Form (FFF) that led me to seeing their Button Stud leather watchbands ($42). I’ve been using a couple of them since then and immediately loved them: Since its “catch” (the button stud) is above the wrist and the only thing under that wrist is seamless leather, it’s totally comfortable. And good looking too, I think. A bit of patina develops, so it’s all good.

And yes, they do cost more than a lot of other bands, but none are going to be more comfortable. Button studs have been around a long time; we’ve got a WWII bayonet someone brought home from back then and that knife is kept in its scabbard with the same button-stud mechanism. So, tried-and-true, and I’d bet the concept is a lot older than that. FFF has a lot of different choices, so poke around,

-- Wayne Ruffner 07/4/19