What's in My Bag

What’s in my bag? — Marcel Dufresne


What's in my bag? issue #4

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Marcel Dufresne is a former science teacher and reviews software on his blog Mause Reviews.

“My wife and I have managed to make one big trip every year since I retired. The iPad has become indispensable for these voyages. My gadgets reflect the many ways in which the iPad is used. The Prop ‘n Go case has been useful as my gadget bag.”

GNS 2000 Bluetooth GPS
The GNS 2000 is my offline GPS system. It connects via Bluetooth to my iPad (which does not have GPS capabilities) and serves to get us around. It enables any map app on my iPad to show our immediate location. I go about anywhere in a new city without being afraid of getting lost.

Skross World Travel Adapter ($30)
The Skross world traveler plug is an absolute necessity if travelling abroad. It also has a couple of USB charging slots which means I can leave the power charger outlet at home.

Anker Powerline II 3-in-1 Cable ($18)
The 3-in-1 charging cable cuts down on the number of cables I carry. I can use it to charge the iPad and the Fire with the same cable.

Belkin Headphone Splitter ($5)
The headphone splitter cable allows both of us to listen to the same podcasts together or to watch a recorded movie on my iPad without disturbing others.

-- Marcel Dufresne 07/3/19