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Camping with Battery Powered LED Christmas Lights

Christmas lights while camping

I have discovered that these battery-powered LED Christmas tree lights are really great for camping. They are not really bright, lack the noise from a gas lantern, they are non flammable, use rechargeable batteries, seem pretty durable (I have had them in the back of my truck for a while now) are ridiculously cheap, and they don’t seem to attract bugs like all other lights that i have used.

I have slowed the use of my headlamp. No more blinding people when you look at them while camping. I also like not having to use the loud mantle lanterns or the hurricane type lanterns that leak oil and spill.

I string them up around the awning attached to my truck and then to the inside of the shell when I sleep or camp in there.

I got mine for around 5 dollars including shipping. Outside of using them for camping they are also really fun to swing around at night while taking long exposure photos.

-- Thomas O'Brien 11/12/10

(Note: I recently saw these in use while camping last month, and can say that they performed admirably and provided just enough light without being annoying.--OH — editors)

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