General Purpose Tools

iVac Automated Vacuum Switch


Synchronized electrical outlet

This automated switch is an extension cord terminated in a box with several outlets that is incredibly useful around the shop. The nifty feature is that when a device plugged into the “trigger” outlet is turned on (e.g. table saw), the “slave” outlet is automatically switched on to power a secondary device (e.g. sawdust vacuum). I have used this electrical outlet expander for several months.

Many possible uses: turn on a light to indicate that another device (water pump, iron) is powered on. Power on the before mentioned exhaust vacuum for wood working equipment, grinders, welders. Run a timer every time the furnace fan switches on – useful when you have a large or stationary device that plugs in and you want to trigger a second device when the first device is powered on.

The device also features a slight delay in powering on both devices in order to avoid power surges. Both cords come with individual 12-amp breakers.

-- Darrow Cole 11/9/10