img 06/10/11

Neat Sheets

Sheets with pockets

img 05/31/11

Ikea Sunnan Lamp

Convenient solar lamp

img 03/16/11


Modified geodesic dome

img 01/10/11

SSSCat Cat Training Aid

Ssscaredy cat trainer

img 12/31/10

FireDragon Bellows

Fire bellows poker

img 09/27/10

Clever Hook

Better hanging hook

img 02/26/10

Smart Move Tape

Clearest box labeling

img 11/18/09

Printed Space

Custom wallpaper and flooring

img 12/3/08

Builders of the Pacific Coast

Guide to west coast DIY shelters

img 11/28/08

How to Build an Igloo

Snow shelter construction

img 10/20/08

Living Aboard

Living Aboard Magazine, still printed on paper, is devoted to the concerns and needs of liveaboards. It’s a pretty cozy …

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