Clever Hook


Better hanging hook

Hang towel on peg. Hop into shower. Step out. Pick up towel from floor. Repeat for, oh, I don’t know, years.

Some of you have no idea what I’m talking about. This innovative hook is for the rest of us. Snag your towel on the hook, and gravity pinches it in place. Lift up, and once again gravity helps out by releasing the pinch. It’s just beautiful in so many ways. Ingenious, visually appealing, and indescribably cool. I find myself wandering into the bathroom just to watch it work. I bring dinner guests into the bathroom to demonstrate it. (Some of them now have their own). I still consciously appreciate it after every shower. During a brief vacation away from home, my wife and I missed it daily. We’ve discussed buying extras to take with us when visiting relatives.

[Update: added image of installed hook.–OH]

I would haughtily sneer at someone for recommending a tool without years of solid performance, but 3 months on and I am still in love. Maybe it’ll fall apart in a month (it feels sturdy, but what do I know). Maybe the springs will wear out (whoops, no springs: it works by weight). Maybe, maybe. Sneer away. I’ll laugh along with you, but *my* towel will be dry.

It will also work for winter coats and heavier items as it supports up to 40 lbs, but I wouldn’t suggest using it on the International Space Station.

-- Eduardo Santiago 09/27/10