img 05/27/05

Accurate Body Scales

About a dozen readers wrote in with suggestions for an accurate body scale, one that would give you a consistent …

img 03/22/05


Poison oak and ivy cure

img 02/23/05

The Keeper / Diva Cup

Reusable menstrual capture

img 02/15/05

Blood Pressure Monitor

Digital, easy, inexpensive

img 01/19/05

Curad Extreme Lengths

Extra-Long Finger Bandages

img 10/19/04

Free Reach Access Flosser

You can get a free sample of the cool flosser I reviewed last issue by clicking here. I have no …

img 10/4/04

Reach Access Flosser

Superior dental tool

img 06/17/04

Merck Manual, Second Home Edition

Best home medical information

img 05/5/04


Cancer answers

img 04/28/04

Air-Stirrup Ankle Brace

Sprained ankle repair