img 11/15/12

Philips L-Prize Bulb

Best 60-watt LED bulb

img 07/30/12

Ziploc Big Bags

Oversized resealable plastic bags

img 07/17/12

Wind Scorpion Wind Turbine

DIY wind power generation

img 05/6/12

Gloves Off Stain and Paint Remover

Green stain and paint remover

img 04/28/12

Millers Falls Boring Machine

Old school hand powered drill

img 04/3/12

Master Grooming Tools

Best haircutting tool for dogs

img 03/1/12

Backwoods Solar

Off-the-grid source

img 02/1/12

Raising Chickens for Dummies

Best for backyard beginners

img 01/23/12

Squeak No More

Fixes squeaky floors

img 01/16/12

Carpet Film

Keeps your carpet clean

img 01/11/12

Tiny Homes

How to build a DIY house