Gloves Off Stain and Paint Remover


Green stain and paint remover

I carefully laid plastic on my bedroom carpet before painting my closet. But somehow my painting tool began to fall, and as I grabbed for it I dumped the latex paint on the carpet beyond the plastic-protected area. I used wet rags to soak up what I could, but this left a 12″ sticky latex stain on the rug plus numerous spatters. I put an old wet towel on it overnight. The next day I used successive applications of Gloves Off Stain and Paint Remover following each with a rag. By repeated applications, I was able to remove all visible paint.

Gloves Off is a newish brand of stain remover that uses plant-based ethoxylated alcohol as a surfactant to loosen stains and make them easier to clean. It’s marketed as being a greener alternative to bleach and ammonia based cleaning agents.

Today, I spied a dried exterior latex stain on metal so I sprayed it with Gloves Off, and in a minute, literally peeled off the paint. So far I’ve been delighted with this product!

-- PJ Cote 05/6/12

(As with any chemical product it's best to have the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) just in case.--OH — editors)