img 09/6/07

Litter Lifter

Time-saving cat box scoop

img 08/9/07

Fiskars Post Hole Digger

Best post hole digger

img 06/20/07

Just For Copper Solderless Bonding

Solder-free pipe-bonding option

img 06/12/07

OakStump Farms Mosquito Trap

Eliminates populations of skeeters

img 06/7/07

Petrodex Finger Toothbrush

Finger-gloves for feline/canine dental care

img 05/24/07

NeverScrub Self-Cleaning Toilet System

Autonomous attachment tidies bowls

img 05/22/07

Glidden Ceiling Paint

Easy-to-see, color-changing white paint

img 05/18/07

Victor Poison-Free Ant & Roach Spray

Pet-safe solution for offing bugs

img 05/11/07

Hand Crank Honey Extractor

Human-powered honey removal

img 05/9/07

Oster Grooming Rake

Tackles tough canine undercoats

img 05/8/07

Newlite Portable, Solar LED Lights

Read at night (compliments of the Sun)