img 05/29/14

Site-in-Clean Rest

Rifle rest for cleaning and light gunsmithing

img 03/26/14

Quick Door Hanger Brackets

Fastest way to hang a door

img 03/25/14 Website

Best online resource for woodburning information

img 02/5/14

Woolzies- Wool Dryer Balls

Natural fabric softener

img 02/4/14

The Backyard Homestead

Best introduction to country living in the city

img 12/16/13

Practical Bamboos

Best bamboo growing instructions

img 12/14/13

Fantastic Ice Scraper: For More Than Just Ice

Scrapes away crusty stuff in the kitchen and garage

img 11/7/13

Just One Club Card

Consolidate your loyalty cards

img 10/31/13

Worms Eat My Garbage

Minimal worm compost

img 10/20/13

IKEA Ljusa hand powered flashlight

Cheap hand-crank flashlight with capacitor storage

img 10/19/13

M-1 Series Snake Tongs

Safe and humane rattlesnake removal