img 12/30/16

24-Led Lantern

Battery-powered dimmable lantern

img 10/25/16

Yo-Yo Fishing Reels

Like a mouse trap for fish

img 10/24/16

Aluminet Shade Cloth

Reflects unwanted heat, radiation, and light

img 08/23/16

Anaconda Slide-Hammer Manual Log Splitter

Slide-hammer pounding action splits logs in seconds

img 02/24/16

7-inch Sidewalk Scraper

Scrapes almost anything from sidewalks or floor surfaces

img 02/12/16

Snowcaster Pusher Shovel

Snow shovel with 48-inch blade

img 10/5/15

Toro Cordless 24-Inch Hedge Trimmer

Battery-powered trimmer cuts through branches up to 5/8-inch thick

img 09/23/15

Husqvarna 550 XPG and 560 XPG chainsaws

Lightweight, fast-revving woodcutters

img 07/15/15

Argo 8×8 Frontier ATV

8-wheel drive amphibious off-road vehicle

img 06/19/15

Havalon Piranta Skinning Knife

Great for dressing roadkill

img 11/25/14

Building Chicken Coops For Dummies / Backyard Chickens

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