img 07/20/16

Fat Separator and Strainer

Low spout prevents floating fat from pouring

img 07/15/16

Aluminized Steel Meat Loaf Pan

Corrugated surface design facilitates air circulation for evenly baked goods and quick release

img 07/8/16

KUKPO Manual Kitchen Can Opener

Manual opener feels like an electric model

img 06/20/16

Scanpan Professional 9.5-Inch Fry Pan

Ceramic-titanium nonstick finish is safe for metal utensils

img 06/17/16

Picardie 12 oz Clear Tumbler

The original French tumbler, made by the company that invented tempered glass

img 06/2/16

Pie Crust Maker Bag

Helps make perfectly round pie crusts with a consistent thickness

img 05/17/16

Air Bake Natural Cookie Sheets

Air insulation prevents top sheet from overheating which prevents burning

img 05/10/16

Food Huggers Silicone Storage Cover

Covers cut fruits and veggies, and opened jars and cans

img 05/6/16

Aluminized Steel Non-Stick Cookie Pan

Baking pan retains heat and won’t rust

img 05/3/16

Lee Valley Peasant Chef knife

Slicing and chopping kitchen knife

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