Maker Update

img 06/16/17

Maker Update: My Top 5 Summer Projects

Our weekly maker project update

img 06/7/17

Maker Update: Hakko FX-901 cordless soldering iron

The latest in tips and maker projects from around the world

img 05/31/17

Maker Update: Plastic Center Finder

This week’s look at the latest maker projects

img 05/24/17

Maker Update #35

The Perfect Summer Robot

img 05/17/17

Maker Update #34

A roundup of the best maker projects this week

img 05/10/17

Maker Update #33

Giant mechanical iris, a lightsaber, remote control Arduino, a micro torch and more

img 05/3/17

Maker Update #32: Heat Shrink Tubing

A weekly roundup of the best DIY projects and tools for makers

img 04/26/17

Maker Update #31

The best maker projects of the week

img 04/19/17

Maker Update: Sun Powered CNC

Favorite maker projects of the week

img 04/12/17

Maker Update #29

A weekly video about new maker projects, kits, and tools

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