Maker Update

img 10/4/17

Sky Sketching [Maker Update #54]

The best maker projects of the week

img 09/28/17

Laser Cut Water Map [Maker Update #53]

The best DIY projects of the week

img 09/7/17

Maker Update: Hakko CHP-170 Flush Cutter

Trims component wires completely flush to surface

img 08/30/17

Maker Update: 300W Power Inverter

The best maker projects this week

img 08/14/17

Maker Update: Bobbleheads & Burrs

Pivot blade allows easy burr removal from iron pipe, copper and PVC tubing

img 08/2/17

Maker Update: Spring-loaded Self-Striking Center Punch

The best maker projects and tools this week

img 07/19/17

Maker Update: Kreg Rip-Cut

Speeds and simplifies ripping down large plywood and MDF panels

img 07/13/17

Maker Update #42: Poster Putty

Why you need some in your toolkit

img 07/6/17

Maker Update #41: Manfrotto Magic Arm and Super Clamp kit

Gives great flexibility in positioning a camera or small light

img 06/28/17

Revenge of the Fish [Maker Update #40]

The latest and coolest projects from the world of making

img 06/22/17

Slow Motion Reality [Maker Update #39]

A roundup of the best maker projects of the week

img 06/16/17

Maker Update: My Top 5 Summer Projects

Our weekly maker project update