Media Tools

img 11/13/14

Mophie Space Pack

Phone case with battery and extra storage

img 06/26/14


Reduce wind noise on camera microphones

img 04/11/14

Logitech B530 USB Headset

Low cost microphone headset with excellent sound quality

img 12/31/13

Kindle Paperwhite

Best e-book reader

img 10/28/13

Self Publishing Cool Tools

How to self publish a book

img 10/1/13

Engel MX1 Android Stick PC

Dirt cheap home media machine

img 09/1/13

Visual CD

Index all the files on your backup media

img 04/27/13


Easiest micropayment system

img 02/19/13

Yeti Microphone

Excellent sub-$100 USB microphone

img 11/30/12


Home library catalog system