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img 07/26/10

Long Form * Instapaper

Longer than a newspaper item but shorter than a book, a magazine article is the ideal length for my attention …

img 04/6/10


Self-publishing via Amazon

img 11/26/09


Best digital compiling-filing

img 07/15/09


Customized disc packaging

img 02/17/09


Gmail efficiency-booster

img 04/9/08


Free, simple, versatile online file conversions

img 01/22/08


Guide for pamphlet printing

img 12/31/07

Tips for Conference Bloggers

How to liveblog a conference

img 12/29/07

Five Good eBooks

This week I review five ebooks, or to be more precise, five books available in PDF format. That means you …

img 12/27/07

Dictionary of Clichés

Guide to classic, common phrases

img 10/24/07

AlphaSmart Word Processor

Distraction-free writing device

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