img 01/3/08


Photoshop hack for stunning images

img 12/5/07

Tourist Remover

Rids images of incidental pedestrians/cars

img 04/10/07

Domke Camera Bag

Multipurpose photographer’s pack

img 01/11/07

Olympus Stylus 720 SW

Modest digital underwater camera

img 10/20/06

Mogg Astro Webcam Adapters

Hacking webcam for astrophotography

img 09/9/06


Huge prints reasonably priced

img 08/7/06

Lumix TZ1

Best small digital camera

img 04/20/06

Canon 1DS

CMOS Digital Camera

img 12/12/05

Lumix FZ5

Ultra sharp, bargain-priced digital camera

img 12/7/04

Shoebox Holography

What to do with a laser pointer