Tourist Remover

Rids images of incidental pedestrians/cars

Tourist Remover is one tool in a suite of free online image editing tools in futureLAB’s Snapmania. I used it recently on some pictures I took in Moab Utah to remove people and cars from the photos I snapped. The only thing you need to do is take 3-10 pictures of the subject (by hand, no tripod required), and then Tourist Remover averages the pictures and removes anything that only appears in one of the shots (such as moving people and cars). The tool will not remove anything that appears in two of the shots, such as a parked car. So when taking the pictures and when selecting the ones to use the tool with, make sure the items you want removed only appear in one shot. The rest of the imaging suite is pretty interesting and also does things like stitch panoramas together from several images. The interface takes a little getting used to, but basically once you learn the convention of dragging the images you want to edit onto to the tool you want to use, then it’s all pretty easy.

-- Alexander Rose 12/5/07


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