img 04/14/17

Aqua Doodle Mat

Large reusable drawing pad uses water for “ink”

img 04/7/17

Clicking Counter Ring

Use this ring to keep track of of anything between 00 and 99.

img 03/21/17

Crossbow Pistol

80-lb draw weight crossbow pistol

img 05/4/16

Felt Guitar and Ukulele Picks

Pick made from high density wool and cotton material

img 06/3/15

Estes Proto X Mini Quadcopter

Very tiny remote control quadcopter


Wink Fun – the best games, toys, and puzzles

We are excited to announce the launch of Wink Fun, a new Cool Tools website that celebrates fun stuff! And we …

img 04/6/15

Raspberry Pi Computer Board

Tiny, low-cost Linux computer

img 03/25/15

Looney Pyramids

Invent your own games

img 02/18/15


Billions of patterns

img 01/16/15

Tally-Ho Playing Cards

Durable playing cards

img 10/3/14


Netflix for Lego