img 03/26/12

SkyBrush WhiteBoard Eraser

Better white board cleaner

img 01/3/12

Hat Grabber

Hold on to your hard hat

img 11/16/11

Brother P-Touch 2700/2710

Comprehensive label maker

img 04/26/11

Levenger Pocket Briefcase

From day planners to PDAs to smartphones to the hipster PDA, I’ve tried many different systems for organizing my life. …

img 03/2/11

Ott-Lite LED Task Lamp

Cordless foldable lamp

img 11/5/10


Height adjustable desk

img 08/24/10

Business Card Composer 5

No-nonsense business card creator

img 02/24/10


Best office chair investment

img 09/11/09


Staple-free stapling

img 01/1/09


Personal outsourcing

img 08/5/08

Levenger Surf Desk

Space for information surfers