Choosing Where to Live/Goodbye Golden Visas/Purifying Bottle Cap

Nomadico issue #41

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Deciding Where to Live Part 1: Head, Wallet, & Heart

A key part of deciding where to live in the world if moving abroad is evaluating the pros and cons. Even for a 3-month stay, why Thailand and not Vietnam? Why Medellin and not Cartagena? The “head factors” and the “wallet factors” can be done on a piece of paper or through a hashed-out priorities discussion if you’re a couple, but the “heart factors” really require a visit/trial run. Some places look great when you’re researching, but they just don’t feel right once you’re there. See more here.

Deciding Where to Live Part 2: The 90/10 Rule

This rubric is aimed more at people deciding where to live in their own country, especially parents, but it can be applied to nomadic types as well. The difference is we can back out easier if it doesn’t work out. This “rule” says you should give most of the decision weight to the things that will impact 90% of your waking hours, not the factors that you’ll only occasionally experience. So for working travelers, good coffee, a good workspace, and agreeable weather should probably win out over cultural events you’ll only attend once every two months.

The End of “Golden Visas?”

Portugal is the latest country to end its “golden visa” program whereby wealthy foreigners could buy their way in with enough investment, following similar moves by the UK and Ireland. It’s not that the programs didn’t work, it’s that they worked too well, with a flood of foreigners buying up property and often turning apartments into short-term rental units. Since housing prices have risen faster than local wages, pressure was on to stop the practice, with a banning of new short-term rental licenses as well. See the full story here.

Super Simple Water Purifier

I have lost more than a few water bottles on trips but the one I lost on this current one bums me out because the cap was a UV water purifier. The Crazy Cap is simple to use because it’s already the topper on a Swell-shape bottle. It kills everything inside with UV light and usually lasts me a week or two before I need to recharge. Use it when you need it, or it’s just a regular top when you don’t. This is one lost item I need to replace before my next trip to a place where you can’t trust the tap water.


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