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Pocket Radar

Hand held speed checker

Hold this thing in your hand, aim it at a fast, moving object and it instantly gives you the speed of that object — either coming or going. Not only big objects like cars, but little ones like golf balls, too. This little gizmo’s accuracy matches that of police scans, so you can check for speeders on your block.

The main use of the Pocket Radar is for sports, which is what we use it for — measuring ball/running speeds for performance improvement. It’s super easy to use. And it will pick up all kinds of things I had no idea radar detected. We were able to get accurate measurements on arrows in flight! Not everyone needs to measure speed, but for most who do, this pocket device is all you need.

-- KK 09/28/10

(Note: The Pocket Radar uses a true K-Band Doppler radar to measure speed. It works just the same as the police versions but all of the microwave circuitry has been re-engineered to be much smaller and lower cost, it fits in about the size of a credit card. As pointed out, it is fairly easy to make a Doppler radar accurate, the challenge was in the range. We had to develop a completely new detector circuit to get enough sensitivity to get a range of 1/2 mile on a car and 120 feet on a baseball. I have actually measured about 20 feet on a tiny paintball. It is in use by police and has been shown to be as accurate as the large guns. It does use a DSP chip to do an FFT but the microwave circuits are very different than a door opener in order to get the long range. -- Chris Stewart, Pocket Radar Engineer — editors)

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