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ClickBook is a super simple to use, reasonably-priced program that lets you create simple booklets, and more, with a regular, non-duplexing printer. I found it via PaperDirect more than 10 years ago, before ClickBook was bought by Blue Squirrel. I was looking for some fancier templates for personal business cards and other small projects, like tri-fold brochures. When I got it (I use the Windows version), I discovered it could do a whole lot more than just brochures. It was a lifesaver when I was in charge of my Masonic Lodge and had to do a monthly newsletter and all the mailings for Lodge events. I was able to churn out tri-fold mailers quickly and easily, and I even used ClickBook to make the programs for several public events. I don’t regularly create booklets these days, but I still use it to make personal reference mini-books and role-playing game handouts.

The program install runs you through a short setup procedure which configures the software for your printer. When finished, the software has installed and configured a virtual printer which can be used to generate pamphlets and booklets from regular word-processing files. All you have to do is open your document, then print it to the ClickBook virtual printer, choosing a final output format. There’s no need to worry about measuring margins or fitting documents to a page. The program then sends your job to your printer, complete with instructions for re-inserting the paper to print the back side of the sheets, allowing for automatic aligning of pages in the final booklet. It is one of the most helpful little programs I’ve ever used, perfect for the budding pamphleteer. I’ve never found a free version or anything comparable, though I have to admit, since getting the software, I haven’t really felt the need to look. This is simple, easy to use, and works every time.

— Jim Hoffman


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