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Pacsafe Travelsafe

Theft-deterring tourist sack

The Travelsafe 100 is a heavily reinforced, lockable nylon bag with steel cable woven through the fabric and an external steel cable which makes it possible to lock the bag to a stationary item (such as the frame of a bed in a hotel). The bag is 8+” x 13″ and quite light. It’s more of a deterrent to casual thieves, as a well-equipped, professional thief armed with a hacksaw or 5″ bolt cutters could probably penetrate it (a knife would not be sufficient to cut the steel mesh). On a recent surf trip to Costa Rica, the hotel safe at the main office was only open 8am-6pm, and was basically unavailable given our daily schedule. I used the bag to store my digital camera, iPod, passport, wallet, traveler’s checks and money by locking the bag to the hotel bed frame (my travel buddy also put some of his things in it, too). If you don’t want to be burdened with a key, you can buy your own combination lock, though the spindle needs to be thin enough to fit. Pacsafe also sells lockable knapsacks, shoulder bags, computer bags, and even steel mesh covers to extend over large backpacks or suitcases. I chose the model I did because I wanted something relatively inexpensive and small enough to just hold valuables and electronics.

— Carl Hamann

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Manufactured by Pacsafe

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