Collapsable Pet Exercise Pen


Keep your puppy penned in and use as a painting rack

There are many brands and sizes of these pens, I assume all are fairly comparable. The construction and operation are very simple, a long chain of linked panels and the first and last one are connected with clips to form a ring. Many have a gate built into a panel, some don’t. I prefer the 36″ ones, but they go up to 42″ if you need the height.

I have had 2 of these pens for almost 10 years and they are invaluable for pets. They have served their purpose with a large variety of animals (dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, small goats, basically anything on my farm but the horses has spent some time in one of these). They are linkable, and can make a decent sized area that keeps your animals from wandering off, but still provides plenty of room. A 4’x8′ piece of plywood makes a great roof to provide shade or complete containment.

But my favorite use for these is as a painting/drying rack. When linked to form a ring it can be compressed to support long thin material like trim or opened up to support full-sized sheets of plywood. You can hang small or odd shaped pieces from the wire with s-hooks. Its easy to transport and easy to store. I keep them in my shop most of the time to use them this way, and then a couple of times a year they get used for baby animals.

-- Nate Bruce 06/6/16

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