Nite Ize Headband Flashlight holder


Attach a flashlight to the side of your head

I’ve been using this now for a few months after discovering its existence. I’ve tried headlamps and have owned a few, but never really needed the added complexity. This headband quickly and easily lets you turn any small flashlight into a headlamp, with its elastic flashlight band, and its velcro headstrap. It allows the adjustability of having a normal handheld flashlight when needed, or a passively held head-mounted light.

As someone who tries to avoid having redundant items, this is a great, simple tool. It can also be used on a dog collar when camping or going on night walks as an additional light. There are more versatile headbands out there, such as by Fenix, but for under $7, this is pretty useful if you already have some good flashlights and don’t want to buy yet another lighting device.

-- Steve Pender 06/7/16

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