Companion 8 in. Wire Cutters

Locking wire cutters

I am responsible for over a dozen miles of 4 and 5 strand barbwire fence. A good reliable wire cutter is a godsend, and this is it. It’s ingenious and simple. The key part is the lock mechanism. It’s a sliding lock. You hold it “jaws-down,” press the grips and it locks. You are now free to place it in a slash or slot pocket on typical painter’s/carpenter’s pants. When you need it you pull it out, hold it “jaws-up,” and it unlocks. Ready for use. No more “sprung” pliers or vise-grips stuck in rear pockets impossible to pull out while you have only one hand free!

-- Arthur Schultz 07/30/10

(Sears no longer carries this tool in its online store. Nevertheless, based on the comments for the post, its sounds like you might consider a cutter from HK Porter. If you would like to recommend that brand or any other, please let us know. — editors)

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