Super Peel


Pizza conveyor belt

So you’ve decided to make pizza at home. But you quickly discover there’s no substitute for a crust baked on brick or stone. No problem: You get a pizza stone! But then you find out that sliding a 12″ pizza from a peel onto a 14″ stone or wooden board is possible, but just not so easy. After multiple messes, overshoots and fold-overs, you retire the stone. :(

Now, suppose you had a peel with a built-in conveyor belt? The Super Peel is, as difficult as it is to picture, exactly that: A baking peel with a conveyor belt that lifts the delicate, sticky dough from a surface and transfers it onto a board for easy transport.

Superpeel  (6).JPG

Place the corner of the pizza onto the peel. Then, slowly retract the peel while pushing the board forward and — voilà! — the sticky dough simply slides on. To put it back on any surface or stone, simply lower the board until it touches and reverse the process.

Don’t get it? I didn’t either at first, but this short clip is worth thousands of words:

More video of the Super Peel in action can be found at Breadtopia.

This tool definitely prevents needless baking and pizza disasters.

-- J. P. Roosma 07/29/10