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Cool Tools 2015 Holiday Gift Guide: Kevin’s Picks


Favorite gift ideas from the founder of Cool Tools

In the weeks leading up to the holidays, we’ll be presenting a series of gift suggestions selected from the pages of Cool Tools: A Catalog of Possibilities (which itself makes a great gift), and from the website. This week: Kevin’s picks.

“When saving ounces, the Leatherman Squirt ($28) is the lightest multi-tool kit to carry. It’s got your knife, pliers, wire cutter, scissors, file, and two screwdrivers in only 2 ounces (57 g).” – KK

“The Bison Designs Last Chance Belt ($23) does not have holes but can be tied off anywhere. Although originally designed for outdoor types this belt is simple and elegant. It also lets you tie off your lower half like a tourniquet so some judgment is required. I’ve used it for two years now and am very satisfied.” – Edward G Iglesias

“I’ve been fiddling around with the Estes 4606 Proto X Nano R/C Quadcopter ($25) now for about 2 months, and it’s been great fun! It actually introduced me into the world of remote control quadcopters, and has led to a brand new hobby and addiction.” – Myron

“As you might imagine, the screws and clips in an iPhone are tiny. If one of drops to the floor, you will never find it again. I bought this iFixit Pro Magnetic Project Mat ($25) and it does a great job of keeping all the fasteners in place.” – Mark Frauenfelder

“The pStyle ($8) is a plastic trough that allows girls to pee standing up without dropping their pants. Imagine not having to drop your pants to pee in the jungle, avoiding getting your butt bitten by insects in the process.” – Margy Green

“This iFixit driver kit ($20) is just fantastic. It comes with a magnetized screw driver handle. The bits are very specific to opening up modern electronics: laptops, cellphones, and cameras routers. The bits are incredibly well tempered and they have all the weird star shapes that you need to get basically anything open.” – Clive Thompson

“I keep coming back to the Olfa cutters because of the high quality and user-friendliness. I am especially happy with the ergonomic design of the Rotary Cutter ($15) – for its lock open/lock closed feature for the blade and for the fact that I can cut accurately while seated.” – Linda Schiffer

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-- The Editors of Cool Tools 11/27/15