Dead Tools


10-outlet, cord-managing desktop box

This neat little box hides all those computer and phone cords and doubles as a power outlet. Inside are 10 outlets and the box comes with a clever method for keeping things very organized: metal ties that are affixed to the inside. You just coil each cord, wrap a tie around it (twisting the end like you would with a sandwich bag), and stack each cord on top of one another. Unplugging is a cinch: simply find the cord you want, undo the ties and pull out the plug. I own two — one at home and one at the office. You can keep it under your desk or on top (I have my monitor on it), and the front accessibility means you can plug/unplug items (i.e. cell phone) quickly and easily without having a mess of wires on your desk. With everything plugged in I’ve never had any trouble closing the lid. I once tried making something like this out of laminated wood (to match my desk). It cost about $200, didn’t look as nice and wasn’t nearly as convenient.

-- Vic Habersmith 04/4/07

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