Sand & Kleen Dustless Drywall Sanding


Dust-busting drywall sander

Sanding drywall is messy and nasty — it’s hard on both your tools and lungs. With this system the majority of the dust is sucked up right at the sanding pad. The sanding head, which uses standard sanding screens, is attached to a hose that runs to the Aquair Water Filter, a five gallon bucket that has a another hose you attach to a Shop-Vac (not provided). As you sand, the dust is sucked through 36 little holes on a pad attached to the sanding head. When the dust hits the water it goes into suspension, and doesn’t reach (or ruin) the Shop-Vac. Note: after a good bit of use, you will need to change the water.

As a builder sometimes forced to live at the site (the horror!), I can say that this has made my life (and marriage) much less messy. Even if you’re a homeowner and not a professional, this tool is especially useful, as drywall dust is incredibly pernicious. It can blow all over the house and settle everywhere. With this system, you can sand in the areas that you live in with significantly less clean up – and you won’t even need a mask!

-- Doug Barnard 04/5/07

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