Cuisipro 3-in-1 Funnel Set


Funnel set can handle most kitchen pouring tasks

Many years ago I bought the Cuisipro 3-in-1 Funnel Set. The set has four pieces: There is a tiny red funnel, a medium-sized gray funnel, and a large red funnel. The pieces all screw together so you can make a wide-mouthed funnel with a narrow end if you want. The fourth piece is a strainer insert that seems pointless. I have never used it.

The small red funnel is excellent for filling 2 oz bottles. I tried to buy a metal funnel to do this job but its opening is too large to fit my bottles. The gray funnel has a flat area at the bottom around its opening that helps it rest on containers which often provides more stability than a standard conical funnel. The large red funnel is the right size to fit in canning jars and I use it all the time for filling plastic bags. This set is remarkably well designed and inexpensive. Over the years we found that we didn’t use any of our other funnels. And it’s held up well. I just had to buy a second set — because I fed the small funnel to my garbage disposal, not because the product failed.

-- Adrian Mariano 12/10/20

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