Culinary Parchment Baking Cups


Zero-Stick unbleached baking cups

We’ve been using these parchment cups to bake muffins for a couple of months and they never cease to amaze. Each time I peel off the paper cup from my morning muffin I’m still impressed at how effortless this has become. These aren’t just “no stick”, they’re zero stick, which coincidentally is exactly what the manufacturer claims on the box…and they’re totally correct. I know these adjectives describing this product sound like clickbait but, in this case, it is deserved. Interestingly, out of 285 reviews on Amazon, the product gets a solid 5-stars! How often does that happen? I mean it, the paper cup almost falls off, totally clean! You’ve got to try these.

-- Chuck Davey 06/3/22

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