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It’s time for another Cool Tools video review. I’m going to show you this $9 USB-powered soldering iron. It’s available on Amazon Prime, and by using the Amazon link in the description here you help to support my videos and the Cool Tools blog.

Let me say upfront that I am a big fan of portable soldering irons, when they’re done right. I’ve used the $35 Hakko. I’ve used the $40 Dremel Versatip. I even have a separate video directly comparing all three of these.

But for this video let’s focus just on this USB soldering iron. Here’s what I like about it.

1. It’s skinny. It’s the skinniest iron I’ve ever used, which makes it really nice to hold. Altogether with the cord it’s super compact.
2. It’s cheap. Even if it’s not your favorite iron, at $9 you can put one in every kit you have and not be precious about mistreating it.
3. USB is everywhere. You can plug it into your computer, or a portable charger, or a wall adapter. There’s nothing to recharge.
4. There’s a built-in safety. Touching this little button turns it on. If it’s let go for more than 15 seconds it turns off.

Now, it’s definitely not perfect. It only really gets hot enough for general electronic work, and the skinny tip loses heat quickly.

Also, while it’s portable, it’s not exactly cordless. You still have to plug this into something, even if that a portable battery. Which also means that if you lose this adapter cable, you’re hosed.

Still, I’m glad I have it around. And at $9 I think it’s a great value just to have as part of your toolbag. By using the link in the video description you help to support these videos and the Cool Tools blog. And you can find thousands of reader-recommended tools just like this at

-- Donald Bell 05/30/22

(This is a Cool Tools favorite from 2017 — editors)

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