Traps moisture

If you live in an area where it rains a lot or there is high humidity, you’ve probably encountered problems like mold, musty smells, or even condensation where you don’t want it. When I realized that this kind of condensation was what was fogging up the inside of my car windows every morning (unlike when I lived in a colder climate and the outside would frost up), I was really surprised that so few sensible solutions came up on the internet. The dampness was so bad that I almost started carrying a towel to wipe down the inside of the windows before I started driving.
DampRid is a desiccant package that’s designed to collect a large amount of moisture. It comes in a small plastic tub or in a pouch you can hang from a closet rod. Unlike in smaller desiccant bags which adsorb moisture and can only collect a small amount as a result, DampRid’s grains wick moisture out of the air and drip it into the bottom of the tub or into a plastic bag.
I hung one of the closet rod pouches off of the passenger headrest in my car. Pretty quickly the window fog stopped being an issue. The real surprise was just how much moisture the pouch was collecting– after a couple weeks the collection bag was almost half full! This is definitely a solution I’ll be employing on all sorts of moisture problems in the future.
Here’s a picture of the pouch from my car:
-- Dean Putney 02/18/21