Decision razors/Free food delivery/New writing advice

Recomendo: issue no. 317

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Useful decision razors
This list of rules of thumb will help you make better decisions faster. Here are some examples. — MF
When faced with two paths, choose the path that puts you in the arena. Once you’re in the arena, never take advice from people on the sidelines.
When choosing between two paths, choose the path that has a larger luck surface area.
If you have a choice between entering two rooms, choose the room where you’re more likely to be the dumbest one in the room. Once you’re in the room, talk less and listen more. Bad for your ego—great for your growth.

Free online food delivery
You can get a year’s worth of free delivery of food ordered online as an Amazon Prime perk. Amazon invested into Grubhub, so is offering free Grubhub delivery for a year if you have Amazon Prime. Sign up here. Took me 30 seconds.  — KK

New writing advice
Someone asked on Reddit recently “What is the piece of writing advice that has helped you most, personally?” and these were my favorite because I had never heard them before:“Make the familiar seem exotic and the exotic seem familiar.”On process, Chuck Wendig: “The work doesn’t need your confidence. The work just needs the work.”“It’s easier to write something cool and then figure out how it makes sense than it is to write something that makes sense and then figure out how to make it cool.”I didn’t contribute to the thread, but if I would have I would have shared Derek Sivers’ recent advice: Write one sentence per line. — CD

Tollywood megahit movie
I like to keep tabs on the pulse of the two largest countries in the world by watching their hit movies. The latest megahit in India is “RRR” which is the most expensive and highest grossing movie in India to date. It’s a Tollywood mythical superhero action movie, that is naturally very long (3 hours), over-the-top, color saturated, bonkers, ridiculous and bombastic, and suitably interrupted with fabulous song and dance. The despicable evil villains are British Raj colonials set in pre-independence India. It’s a delightful popcorn flick. On Netflix. — KK

Compare Hubble vs Webb images
It’s amazing how quickly my eyes got used to the detail captured by the new Webb telescope. You can compare the vast difference between the Hubble images of nebulas and galaxies and Webb’s new images on Just slide back and forth and be amazed. — CD

Fast multi-port charger
I keep my bulky laptop charger at home and travel with the Anker 735 charger. It’s smaller, lighter, and more powerful than the PowerBook brick and it has 2 USB-C and 1 USB-A ports. — MF


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